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Our company

What are you used for?
CRTL is an independent survey firm offering personalized surveying and assistance services for its clients, whether they are insurers, brokers or professionals.
As such, we carry out on behalf of our principals (Insurers, Brokers, Insured) all the administrative and technical management following the occurrence of a claim.
CRTL has three areas of activity:
– the expertise division
– the damage survey division
– the recourse division
What is the concrete difference between the three areas of activity of the company: Survey, Claim Management, Appeals?

The expertise division allows us to determine the origins and causes of the dispute as well as the inherent damage.
The Damage Survey department specializes in the management of international disputes.
The Appeal Department ensures the legal appeal, both amicable and judicial, against the third party responsible for the loss.

I don't know CRTL. What are your references? Can you name your most representative projects and important clients?

CRTL was founded by Damien Dumartin and Grégory Nappée in 2015. Since its creation, CRTL has performed more than 5,000 surveys and 500 recourses
Several of CRTL’s surveyors are referenced by major networks such as CESAM EEA/CNPP or ISA / WK Webster

Who is on the phone when you call our contact number?

When calling CRTL, our clients are put in touch with an experienced claims manager who can respond optimally and quickly to our clients’ needs.


In which case is a claim survey is necessary ?
The appropriateness of an expertise is judged on a case-by-case basis with regard to the presumed amount of the loss, the damage, the conditions of the incident, but also the human relations between the various parties involved in the case.
Who can conduct a survey ?
Any person with an interest in the matter.
What is the meaning of amicable and contradictory survey ?
In order to be enforceable against each of the parties, the findings of the expertise must be carried out in the presence of the parties or their representatives. A convocation notice is sent to all the parties involved in the case for this purpose.
What are your response times ?
CRTL can intervene within the hour in any geographical location.
What are your domains of expertise ?

At the beginning, CRTL was mainly involved in the transport of goods. Since its creation, thanks to the contribution of its teams as well as a policy of continuous training, CRTL has expanded its field of expertise.
CRTL can now intervene in matters of machine breakdown, ship’s hull (river/yachting), loading/heavy lift supervision as well as more general Civil Liability or Damage expertise (often related to logistics operations).

Do you have general conditions of sales ?
Yes, they are available on this website at the bottom of the page, as well as when your file is opened and our invoice is issued.

Damage Commissioner

Where do you operate?

We operate all over the world. Since 2015, we have conducted surveys in more than 50 countries, from the closest (neighboring countries) to the farthest (Australia).

How do you choose your experts ?
All of the experts we use belong to the two main worldwide networks, CESAM and LLYODS, recommended by the insurers, which guarantees their quality and technical skills.
How do you guarantee the reliability of the experts employed ?
CRTL only uses experts we have met and audited in order to guarantee our clients a standard of expertise. CRTL experts are also willing to travel abroad when it is required by our clients.
Is there a difference in the outcome between an expert assessment performed by a CRTL or by an "international" expert ?
There is no difference.


Who manages these cases?
These cases are managed by experienced and available lawyers.
How long does it take to process an appeal file ?
In most cases, the duration of the prescription in transport is one year (special cases possible in maritime and air transport). The duration of the treatment cannot exceed this period in the worst case. Nevertheless, requests for postponement of prescription can be obtained by our teams.
It takes an average of 6 months to obtain the claim.
How am I informed of the follow-up ?
CRTL is committed to keeping its clients informed at every stage of the process from initiation to completion.
What is your price list ?
Our price list is available upon request.
What are your success rates ?
Our success rate is 80%.
If there is no recourse in the amicable phase, what can I do ?

CRTL cooperates year-round with a lawyer specialized in the field of transportation. In the event that the amicable phase does not lead to the expected result, CRTL can propose the implementation of a legal action to its clients.