CRTL is an independent survey company available all over France.

CRTL is an independent survey company available all over France. CRTL offers personalized survey services for Insurers, brokers or logistics provider.

Yachting and inland waterways offices

Cargo survey offices

A claim management that protects the interests of the insurer and the insured

CRTL organizes and carries out technical expert appraisals after an accident, both out of court and contradictory, in the freight transport sector. The result is a report giving information on the circumstances of the loss (claim), its origins and causes, as well as the amount of direct and indirect damage.

The preservation of the interests

of insurers and policyholders at the heart of our management

Multi-languages reports

French, English, Spanish

Referenced experts



Creation of CRTL Navigation


Opening of the Nancy and Lille offices


Opening of the Poitiers and La Rochelle offices


Creation of the company CRTL Recours & Gestion


Creation of the company CRTL

Our Team

Grégory Nappée

Damien Dumartin

Maxime Rodrigue

Tiphaine Garnier

Mathilde Buiron

Frank Tonetti

Angéline Buscaglia

Davy Calvez

Jonathan Cressonnier

William Vasseur

Bérengère Poirel

Our Values

Values for an optimal managementof your claims

Expertise transport

The management of transported goods claims requires a combination of technical, legal and practical knowledge.

CRTL has a team of experts and a network of specialized partners (lawyers, logisticians, etc.) to meet this need.


The management of claims can be handled in a conflictual climate due to diverging interests between the different parties to the transport contract.

CRTL works in complete independence and impartiality, which enables it to cooperate with all of its interlocutors over the long term.


The occurrence of a transported good claim at any time and in any place requires a high level of reactivity.

To meet this requirement, CRTL has a dedicated emergency line (24/7) and a team trained to react effectively.


Customer satisfaction

We consider transportation claims management as a service where customer satisfaction is the main concern.

CRTL is committed to providing a legal and technical management service that is entirely focused on the expectations and needs of its clients.

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